О проекте

DOCUMENTATION is an online research dataset of information on Central-Asian contemporary art since 1985. Within this project, a public program with lectures, research seminars, and discussions takes place.

DOCUMENTATION is part of HORIZON, an online research platform on Central-Asian contemporary art and theory (by CCC TSELINNY).

The mission of DOCUMENTATION is to restore the collective memory of the region and shape its cultural identity through collecting, preserving, and studying data on contemporary art. The results of this work are the emergence of connections between people, events, chronology, and the identification of relevant topics for research.

All the information we process is stored long-term on our internal platform. All materials are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights.

Project was developed by
Inkar Seitkulova Art director and graphic design
Dmitry Popov Web-site development
Team Documentation
Ainur Stakhanova Archivist
Tatiana Neuimina Documentalist
Alima Kairat Artistic Director