Tselinny Center of Contemporary Culture
Казахстан, Алматы
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Tselinny Center of Contemporary Culture is a regional institution that aims to to empower the local general public and enhances an intellectual community by building a dialogue within Kazakhstani latitude and therewith the wider central Asian perspective. The institution was founded by Kazakhstani businessman and entrepreneur Kairat Boranbayev and is located in the building of the Soviet-era Tselinny cinema. Institution has been operating since 2018 now and will move in 2025 to its permanent venue after which it was named. Reconstruction of the cinema began in late 2019 under the direction of the British architect Asif Khan, who aims to transform the building into a multifunctional space.

The Tselinny cinema was built in 1964 to the standard USSR design for large panoramic cinemas and immediately became one of the most popular recreation venues of the inhabitants of Soviet Alma-Ata. The building has been reworked several times since 2000 changing the appearance and functional layout of the building. This move will heighten the visibility of the institution which was the country’s first private cultural institution. Tselinny Center of Contemporary Culture continues to focus on developing interdisciplinary interaction between contemporary culture and art.

In the horizon of the first years the institution has chosen a core circle of problematics which are “Gender”, “Faith” and “Ecology”. Tselinny’s artistic strategy is based on the symbiosis between two motifs of Here and Now, a performative and research programme.
Here is about Tselinny physical space where various formats of events are happening such as art exhibitions, film, educational platform, theatre, contemporary musical and dance programmes and any experimental form. As a platform where local content is produced the institution hopes to continue developing a dialogue to collaborate with actors of the current artistic scene, creating a non-fixed programme with different morning and evening regimes. Tselinny will be a third space offering to be a shelter.
Now is based on the research projects that are occuring in the moment and continuously in the future to create an intellectual space enhanced by engagements with artists, theorists and public intellectuals from various disciplinary, cultural, social and ideological perspectives. There are three main lines of activities which are Horizon, Scholar-In-Residence programme and Publishing projects. Horizon is an online research platform of Central Asian contemporary art and theory which includes an anthology and a digital dataset Documentation. Now serve as a tool for the realisation of a wide Here programme.

A further objective of Tselinny Center is to form a platform for open reflection and critical debate about emerging theorists, scholars and artists thereby bridging the gap between institutional work and the local society.